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Winning Casino Play by Avery Cardoza

Avery Cardoza bookIf you really want to play some games in the casino, you are to apply some casino guides no matter what game you have chosen to play/ The matter is that each games has its own strategies and tricks which should be analyzed by the player. That is why we offer you to apply Winning Casino Play. If you are a newbie to this issue, start your gambling education with one of the best guides on casino gambling, written by Avery Cardoza.

Its size is perfect for traveling, if you are going to gamble in Vegas, for example and of course use it at home, or even while you are at your way to work.

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Cardoza starts the book with explaining the main aspects that everyone should know before coming to a casino, any casino. He covers the topics like tipping, free drinks, betting units and house limits and so on.

Then he continues with money management and emotional control. If you are not a happy visitor, but a person who would like to win something, you are to control yourself and discipline.


In this section he talks about most popular games in the casino, like blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, video poker, Caribbean Stud poker and Let It Ride.

In the craps section he gives the tables of the payoffs and explains the main goal of the game. He talks simple and easy. While reading you just dive in and continue reading further and further. In the roulette part he talks about layout, types of the game, bet and definitely about the strategies, like different variations of the Martingale system.


The slots section is as simply explained as the previous ones. There are so many things covered that every reader or play will definitely find something new and interesting. He not only tells what the slot is but also the types like single coin machines, multipliers, multi-payline and progressive machines.

Cardoza is talking about credits, payouts, slots symbols and other aspects of the slot gaming, necessary for successful gaming. He also covers the winning strategies, but you will find more details on them in his book Secrets of Winning Slots.

In video poker section he explains how to play the game step by step. It is really helpful, as you know theory before trying. And in online slots, for example, you can try out everything before gaming for money. There is another casino guide like The Ultimate Casino Guide by Michael Wiesenberg

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