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American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie

Steve Bourie bookIf you want not only a book but some treats too, this book is just for you as except for the information it contains some coupons. Isn't it alluring? The total coupons sum is around $1,000. For some people it is a reason to get the book. The coupons are given for different things like food - free and discount appetizers and meals, hotel stays and free plays.

The author, together with a bunch of other folks, is talking about practical things basically. One of the main points is that the authors tell you - if you have no idea what you are doing inside a casino and you lose or keep losing money, you are a loser. Well, they do not tell you that you are the one, but they definitely mean it.

He says that knowing the house rules is half way to winning the cash. He gives a small glossary of the games at the very beginning so you may be sure, that you’ll understand everything! When he starts talking about the slot clubs, it seems that we are entering the casino and following all his steps in it. The book is aimed at taking advantage of every single we see in the casino, while Casino Gambling for Dummies is aimed at the freshmen in this field.

Slots Clubs

He explains why we need the slot club card. With the help of the card you will be able to win some free food, extra spins, gifts or discounts. While playing at some slot, you will need to insert the card and keep it in the machine during your entire play. That is quite necessary, as it is counting your point that will be converted into something nice.

He says that we are to take advantage of everything the casino can offer us. It would be really foolish not follow this advice. One interesting thing is that the computer distinguishes the local dwellers from the tourists and the offers are made correspondently. No matter if you a local or a visitor, take all the offers and make use of them.

Also Steve Bourie covers the hypothetical situation - what casino we would elect for gaming. His ability to read out gamer’s mind is really impressive. And his comments and pieces of advice are really useful and effective.

This book is more of a practical guide comparing to a more technical book Beat the Slots by Marten Jensen.

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