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Scoblete is so good in explaining the point. For this book he wrote down his casino observations. He simply tells what he sees and he interviews the gamers and they are sharing their impressions of the game. Scoblete is also talking about stretching. It is some kind of a strategy that is stretching your bankroll.

It is a question-answer book that gives the answers for the hottest questions the players might have. While reading you can apply the learned things by playing slot machines online for free. It is a good option and good variant.

When he starts writing about Charles Fey, father of the slots machines, we are laughing as it is really funny to read how the inventions are made. Of course it is experience of the previous generation that made everything necessary for invention. He was a smart guy who incarnated everything into one thing.

What else is interesting is that the author tells about different aspects of the slots not only in the modern view but also the way it was throughout history. If he tells something about the denominations, he would mention the way it was years before.

If the slot machine game is similar to another, Lund will tell you that. It makes your choice easier and more interesting as he narrows down your search of you lucky game. He also makes clear what the game is with all the peculiarities.

Cardoza is covering one really important aspect of the professional gaming. He says, if you a serious player, you should write down all your winnings and losses. Mostly losses are important. When you win a large jackpot, you will be able to count your net winning.

Marten Jensen covers many types of the slots games. He tells the main idea of the game. For example, in the Chuck Wagons game the incentive is to beat Their Wagon - to come to the final destination before the other train. And he even gives the strategy.

He is talking about the machine, which we are to determine for playing. Also he is talking about knowing the time that we should play, how long we will devote to the gaming. Then it is about banktoll as we are to decide how much cash we can spend on the game every day or every play.

He is building the strategies around bank roll and loss. He is not telling to play one slot for 100 spins and be ready for the Holy Grail. It is all about sober judgment. He offers strict rules that can bring you one step closer to hitting jackpot.

The author reminds not to leave the machine before pushing the Cash Out button. Even if you hit jackpot, there are still some credits you won. The machine is to convert them into coins. If you do not press that button, someone else will. And it is really good to take all your winnings with you.

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