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Beat the Slots by Marten Jensen

beat the slotsWinning at the slots game can be vitally important for some people. For others it is just fun and nothing else. If you are interested in the slot machine "magic," you can read Martin Jensen book Beat the Slots no matter to which category of slot machine players you belong. But still if you are playing slots, you are to understand why you are putting the coins into that machine and what can happen after.

Intro and What to Do with It

The book is well structured and you can start reading chapter with the material, which interests you most of all. It is not so connected with the previous pages like a novel or some fiction piece of literature, but it is a clear guide to beating or at least understanding the slots. He separates explanation of the slot machine itself from other parts like reel slots spinning, video slots, progressives, and of course odds and the ends.

He even talks about purchasing the antique slot machines and gives the places all over the United States, where it is prohibited and where it is not to buy such things and of course, play slots at the casino or other places, which offer gambling games.

Chuck Wagons

Marten Jensen covers many types of the slots games. He tells the main idea of the game. For example, in the Chuck Wagons game, the incentive is to beat Their Wagon - to come to the final destination before the other train. And he even gives the strategy how to do this. He offers to bet maximum per spin when you will pass 30 miles of the total way of 70 miles. Their Wagon has to be at least 25% behind you. After you win banked bonus, you are to cash out.

Have you noticed that he does not say that hitting jackpot is the most important part? He is talking about the cash winnings. Once you decide to apply your knowledge to the real money play, you can follow American Casino Guide directions.


There are many tips and pieces of advice you can learn how to play the slots games. Just like in The Slot Machine Answer Book they are described.

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