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Slot Machines: America's Favorite Gaming Device by Marshall Fey

americas favourite gaming deviceSlot machines and their history. It is a wonderful story of slot machine industry and its development throughout the years of prosperity and prohibition. The book describes the intricate events that caused changes and alterations in the slot machines industry.

It is like a time trip but you only watch how everything was changing and becoming more and more improved. It is a trip to the century old places and events and in order to perform it you do not need a time machine. We are going to San Francisco, California. It is a cradle of the slot machine industry that we know now.

Wheel or Slot Machines

Everything started with the wheel machines that were actually the vending machines. Then Charles Fey, who was actually August Fey when he was born in Bavaria, Germany, made the gambling machines out of them. He created the Liberty Bell, which is known to be the first slot machine. The name is really patriotic and it was a trend in those times to call things with the patriotic names or something that would remind about great past.

The first slot had three reel and ten pictures on each reel. There is also an explanation why the machines were called fruit machines. The reason is hiding behind the pictures on the reel, which were actually the fruit and mostly cherries, lemon and so on.

The book is written in simple language, so it will be easy understandable both by slot machines players, who know all the specific game terms, and those, who have never played slots and have no idea about the game running.

Baseball + Slot Machines

Baseball Vender appeared at the market back in 1929. It was produced by the Mills company. The United States adore this kind of sports and even made the baseball themed machine. One of the main attractions was the symbols that represented gloves, balls, players, mitts, pennants. If there was no winning combination for the gamer, it was considered as Out. Then, if there were some successful spins, the gamer went further in the game everything goes like in real baseball game!

And then there are so many pictures of the slot machine that it impresses a lot even not the gambler but average people too. It is a good read for the ones, who are interested in history. The other eye attraction is Reel History by David N. Mead, which also bright and vivid history of the slot machines.

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