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Slot Machine Strategy by MacIntyre Symms

slot machine strategyIf other books and guides are aimed mainly at winning at slots, this book starts with the story of the author. If you are looking for the slot machine strategies and other treats - just keep reading and you will get to know a lot of interesting details. Still it will be interesting to read some winning stories, right? And even if the story does not sound like real one at first, especially when author assures, that he won his first jackpot with a silver dollar coin. Who would believe that?

But that is his story – story of MacIntyre Symms . Some people are luckier than others. Life is life. He says that he won jackpot just because his fortune turned its face to him. And then he improved his skills in playing. Symms says that listening is very important in playing.


The author says that there are no winning strategies in the slots game but there are some that help you in winning through smart and correct decisions.

He is talking about the machine, which we are to determine for playing. Also he is talking about knowing the time that we should play, how long we are ready to play slots machines. Then it is about bankroll as we are to decide how much cash we can spend on the game every day or each play.

Then we are to choose the casino we will play in. And of course it is about the cities we will gamble in. It is also very important. And then it covers more and more and more matters.

Signs to Be Understood

Some authors omit this fact, but MacIntyre Symms tells us about some interesting things. For example, if we take the sign "All Machines 95 Percent in the Players' Favor." It is confusing but at the same time it gives some information unknown for many players. What it means is that for every 100 units you play, you can expect 95 units back.

And it means that the odds are not that bad, as some casino they take up to 16 percent, instead of 5 like in this case. We all can improve our skills in the online slot machines that are offered in any gaming spot online.

And the book is also filled with the stories like you should better play on Friday or Saturday nights. And there are other history aspects, which you can also learn from Reel History by David Mead.

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