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Casino Gambling for Dummies by Kevin Blackwood

Kevin Blackwood bookIt is a book that opens the eyes of many players all over the world. It is for "dummies" as everything written in it concerns the newbies in the gambling industry. It is also a good piece to read for the people who have not yet decided on the game they want to play and the strategies to use.

You just open it and it is like a step-by-step manual that leads to the sacred places of casinos. If American Casino Guide is aimed at people, who are looking for good locations and so on, so Gambling for Dummies is for the very new players.

The author also shows the basics and the strategies you can always apply to gambling in online casinos. For example, it can be bankroll management. It is an extremely important strategy, as you should always count the sum you can spend on a set of game or for one night.

Kevin Blackwood is a professional blackjack player, so he knows what he is writing about. Furthermore, his manner of writing is so clear and easy to understand that everyone can read this book without some difficulties.


His tips on behavior are absolutely fine. He is talking about the casino clubs and also the bets. Who could imagine that your very first bet should be larger than your average? He offers to do so, as while checking your account, the casino guys will see the first bet and they suppose it is your average bet, while your real average bet is way smaller.

Also you should ask about the privileges as you can get free food, discounts on something and so on. In a huge casino somewhere in Vegas you won't impress anyone with your average bet of $25 but for a small casino somewhere else it can be a pass to a free night at a hotel. Isn't it nice?

Blackwood covers such topics as club poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, slot machines, video poker and sports bets. While talking about slots games he tells how to differ the slots, what the paylines, themed slots and progressives are.

He also cover stretching the budget and also all the privileges you can get while playing slot machines. And there are also ten common mistakes the players should avoid. If to compare it to Winning Casino Play by Avery Cardoza, this book concerns mostly the behavior while Cardoza's book is mostly touching technical side of gambling. It is a wonderful guide into the gambling that is worth a shot.

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