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john patricks slotsIf you are going to step into casino and play some game, ask yourself a question "Do I really need it? What is the point?" If the answer is "I don't really know," then you should not even start the game, wait for the time, when you will be able to define the reason of your gambling. If you are not going to get satisfaction or catch the groove, then why do you need that? You are to know either it is going to be fun or money making. Otherwise, you will be very disappointed once you lose all your cash in the casino.

Knowing Is Half the Battle

You are to figure out if you gamble hard or you are a happy camper with a load of money to get rid of. He also tells about the reality of slots. If you are going to blame someone for losing your game, you are not a smart person. It is useless, as you become frustrated and angry with each and everyone. Patrick offers 25 systems for the slots and they all are similar and different at the same time.

He is building the strategies around bankroll and loss. He is not telling to play one slot for 100 spins and be ready for the Holy Grail. It is all about sober judgment. He offers strict rules that can bring you one step closer to hitting jackpot. But he also says that luck is extremely important too. It is not poker, where skills play the most important role. Frank Scoblete claims just the same thing.

Naked Pulls


offers a wonderful system of the naked pulls. He says, if you do not want to lose in the game of slots, you are to know when to quit playing some machines. Take a number between 7 and 14. It can be 10. 10 would mean that you will stop playing the machine you are playing now, if your ten spins will not bring any result.

It means that you will save extra money or would not exceed your loss limit. The author sticks to the discipline matter as a crazy one. He claims that it more than important as it is your chance to win, if you are gaming professionally. The book is close to Slot Machine Strategy or Mensa Guide, where the author also talks a lot about money management.

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