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The Slot Machine Answer Book by John Grochowski

answer bookNo matter if you play slot machines online or offline, it is a matter of luck whether you win or lose. But there are some options that the players should know in order to increase their odds and therefore the profits. It is quite clear, that the machines are not all the same, they are all different. There are regular and progressive slots, classic and modern, different quantities of reels, paylines and payback frequency. That is why you are to know what types of machines are and what games you may choose to play.

It is a question-answer book that is supposed to give the answers for the hottest questions the players might have. You can apply the learned things by playing slot machines online for free. It is a good option and good variant.

Looking Inside

The first chapter is devoted to some kind of a glossary, built on a question-answer system. The book is rich in stories and funny events connected with slot machine gambling. Even jokes are included and that makes this book even more interesting.

And just like other writers John Grochowski is talking about other matters. The book is really easy to read and the terminology is not insulting your brain. He is talking a lot about the slot clubs. Just like Steve Bourie in his American Casino Guide Grochowski says it is important, as you can take as much as you wish from the casino game.

Some people compare this book to Break the One-Armed Bandits by Frank Scoblete. In some parts of the book Scoblete's book is even quoted. This book is worthy of reading. It is a good read for the freshmen and it can be entertaining for the professionals.

It can be added by hundreds of funny stories from everyone's experience. If you are interested not only in the slots but also in other casino games, you should read some guides like The Winner's Guide to Casino Gambling by Edwin Silberstang.

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