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How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines! by Frank Legato

millions playingThe author will not give you a step-by-step instruction on how to win at slot machines. It is your job to make your own strategy or develop some way to be successful. He just can bring you closer to the conclusions.

When you open the book you see that the foreword is written by famous Frank Scoblete. But once you actually start reading the foreword itself you wonder if he is making fun of the author or it is his ironic manner popping up.

You try to find some irony on the next pages and then you realize that it is actually not making fun but telling the truth. The author of the book does not give us anything really worthy of reading. Well, it is one of the guides that are supposed to guide us to the world of gambling and winning.

Open Up

When we open the first chapter we find out that the book is full of jokes but you are not laughing hard. It is just funny. He also wrote his biography and definitely included all the jokes he knew about presidents like Nixon, Carter and Reagan.

This book is really funny but if you want some specific facts, you should read something like Beat the Slots. How to Win Millions by Playing Slot Machines is not actually a guide that will take you from the very beginning of the slots history to the modern times. You will not read about the chances to win.

When he starts writing about Charles Fey, father of the slots machines, we are laughing as it is really funny to read how the inventions are made. Of course, it is experience of the previous generation, that made everything necessary for invention. He was a smart guy who incarnated everything into one thing.

If you want to have fun while reading, you should definitely read this book.

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