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Books on Slot Machines History

antique slot machineSlot machines history hides so much interesting information that it sometimes seems impossible that so many things happened in this industry just for the last hundred years. There are dramatic changes in the slots history every few years. New technologies, new themes, new consoles and so on and so forth.

Along with the study books on slots games it is a wonderful thing to study also the history of the slot machines and their winners. You know the sources of this industry but it is a matter of taste. Anyway, it is not harmful to take a look inside these books covering history of slots.

Slot Machines: America's Favorite Gaming Device by Marshall Fey

It is like a time trip, but you only watch how everything was changing and becoming more and more improved. It is a trip to the century old places and events. Slot Machines is a colored and pictured trip and you won't fall asleep during it.

If you are interested in the mechanics of the machines, you will be given the complete drawing of the inside world of the machine. Everything is explained in easy quite understandable language, even for those, who have never played slots before. For example, Play Check or Nickels tells "the Fey Liberty Bell was the first slot, accepting both nickels and trade checks, that was capable of diverting nickels to the cash can and tokens to the payout unit." So, as you can see the explanation gives info on everything and besides, you do not to check special glossaries all the time, because you will understand all the terms or special expressions, and those which are uncommon will be explained in the text!

And then there are so many pictures of the slot machine that it impresses a lot even not the gambler but average people too. It is a good read for the ones, who are interested in history.

Reel History, a Photographic History of Slot Machines by David N. Mead

This book is a wonderful collection of wonderful black-and-white reprints of various color pictured. They belong to the collection of the Mead Publishing Company products which the people applied many years in a row. The shades are completely different. It is made in order to ease looking at the reprints, as there are many details, which can be seen only in a correspondent light.

The book contains 425 pictures submitted by 70 slot machine producers. There are even the nicknames of the slots, which eases the search of the needed one. Reel History is a good book with all the necessary information you might need.

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