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The Winner's Guide to Casino Gambling by Edwin Silberstang

Edwin SilberstangIf you want a good read on the history of gambling and everything that is connected with this industry, this book is just for you. It is a combination of the author's personal experience combined with observation. So, he gives different data, calculations, their analysis and his conclusions.

He devotes around thirty pages to the game of slots, which is kind of nice, still along with them he covers blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, baccarat, video poker and Caribbean stud poker.

He starts with the overview of the entire gambling in the United States. It is quite smart as there should be some preface. The funny thing the author describes is that the state of Nevada does not have any lottery, as if it needs one. He also covers the story of gambling in Atlantic City. The authorities there legalized gambling in order to bring more money to the city budget. But this strategy did not work out as well as some slots strategies.

Geography of Gambling

Edwin Silberstang is talking about different locations where gambling is legalized or not forbidden in some forms all over the United States. He says that Washington State and Colorado are not shy about this matter. Then Montana has some table games legal, as well as South Dakota.

Also from this book we learn that in order to legalize the gambling business, it is necessary to hold a referendum. Florida had a state-wide referendum, while in Mississippi they did it on a county level, which is even better, as they do not waste money from the state budget for the areas, where none even cares about gambling thing.


The author is even talking about the future of gambling, which is pretty interesting as there are many large cities all over the United States that are on the threshold of legalizing of gambling. It means great money coming in, not necessarily to the budget but still. It also means thousands of jobs for thousands of people. Moreover, people always play, no matter if there is crisis or prosperity.

It is really funny and weird how people treat their losses in gambling. They lose means that they just lose. They do not think that money become taxes. But if to raise grocery prices just in a couple of percent, there would a huge blast of discord.

If you are newbie and cannot digest the level of such book yet, you should turn to Casino Gambling for Dummies or take a look at Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling.

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