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Reel History by David N. Mead

rell historyLooking for the best things in the slots history? Those can be the pictures that show the technological advance in the gambling industry. The book shows the best and the worst moments in the slots development. It is a history that is not embellished or colored – the history as it really was.

Reel History, a Photographic History of Slot Machines by David N. Mead is a wonderful collection of superb black-and-white reprints of various color pictured. They belong to the collection of the Mead Publishing Company products which the people applied many years in a row. The shades are completely different. It is made in order to ease looking at the reprints, as there are many details, which can be seen only in a correspondent light.

Collecting Slots

It is also a good study book for the collectors of the slot machines, who recently started their hobby and it is vitally important for them to differ the slots, which are 80 or 100 years old. It is really difficult to see the difference, as the slots were not around more than half a century and everything old looks alike. Also, it will be quite useful for those, who want to play slots as real professionals and want to know everything concerning slots in all possible aspects.

As you understand the book could make a wonderful present for someone, who really values the art of the slot machine production as well as Slot Machines: America's Favorite Gaming Device by Marshall Fey.

But still the quality of the pictures leaves much to be desired. It would be wonderful if they did a better job on that. But, maybe, it was their initial thought to make the pictures of such a quality. The book covers the machines starting from 1890 until 1980. It is almost a century of a developing industry with all the innovations and new features to the existing machines.

The book contains 425 pictures submitted by 70 slot machine producers. There are even the nicknames of the slots, which eases the search of the needed one. It is a good book with all the necessary information you might need. If you are looking for the slots games and other information, you can check out Big Book of Slots or Robbing the One-Armed Bandits by Charles Lund.

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