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Robbing the One-Armed Bandits by Charles W. Lund

robbing the one armed banditsIf you are looking for a guide that will bring you to the hitting jackpot in a short time, you are to write the one. It is not a matter of few hours spent on reading and learning all the best. It is a matter of your attitude and ability to learn.

This book reminds the Slot Machine Answer Book by John Grochowski. But it is not a question-answer book, still, author explains everything which may be interesting for readers and of course, slot machine gamblers. And also he gives his synopsis, which can consist of dozens of words. But at the same time it can include a phrase "Never play," which gives us way more information than the numbers of frequencies or something else.


If the slot machine game is similar to another one of this type, Lund will tell you that. It makes your choice easier and more interesting as he narrows down your search of you lucky game. He also makes clear what the slot game is with all the peculiarities and tricks.

Lund also lists the banked slot machines and he explains what he thinks about positive expectation in them. Although he repeats a lot of the game that are close to each other in many points, he is very clear in clearing differences among them. He also talks about cheating scams and other "interesting and almost legal" aspects of gambling.

He starts talking about video poker and video blackjack games. It would be really smart if he devoted this book on to the slots game. He is not talking a lot on other games and that is why it seems really odd. He should not have written about them at all as his reader are mostly interested in slot machines, not in other games.

Still it is a good read. You can read it to compare with other authors. Other book that concern gambling in general, might discover other games for you that you have never even wanted to try out only at best website The Winner's Guide to Casino Gambling will open new horizons and maybe the time for gambling other games has come!

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