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Casino Legends and Myths

Golden horseshoeMyth is a widely held but false belief or idea

Oxford Dictionary

Do you believe in the casino legends? Have you ever heard of the myths everybody truly believe? Do you believe in those myths? Or you think you are just superstitious and there are no myths? Well, if you are superstitious, you believe in the myths.

Pattern of spins that can be determined

Well, yeah, a pattern. It is next to impossible, as the slot machines are based on the random number generation that is based in its turn on random choice. These generators make millions of the european roulette free combinations every second. So how can you guess it?

There is no pattern, according to which they generate the numbers. The human brain or the computer brain cannot track the pattern down, even if it was possible. It would require long weeks of data gathering and then processing. Even if you were able to track them down, you would not hit the button at the needed moments, as every millisecond there is another winning combination. Still hesitating? Then Big Book of Slots is just for you.

I left the slot and the next minute someone hit jackpot

Well, if you really think that you dragged the destiny to that very slot machine, you are so wrong. Look up and read once again. There are millions of combinations that appear every second. You have nothing to do with that winning. Moreover, in cases, when one is playing in online casinos, the state of things doesn't change.

If none hit jackpot at this machine for a long time, it is so close

Don't be naive. It is not. A couple of jackpots can be hit in a row. It is not regulated, as the slot machines work on random number generation. You can try it in free online slot gambling.

The slots at the entrance are better

Again. It is not true. The casinos are not allowed to change the RNGs after the slot arrives at the casino. So, it is not true that you cannot win at slots, which are located further in the casino. It is mere myth.

Lever is better than button

Again. Where do the people take such horrible shameless legends? The machines, no matter if they have a lever or a button, have the random number generator that defines all the winning combinations.

Pulling the lever or pushing the button is a matter of taste, not luck. If you still have another opinion, you should read Frank Scoblete's books. Review the best casinos from our expert panel

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