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Finding a proper casino to play is an essential part of gambling. If you cannot find the best place for you, then there are no reasons to proceed gaming. It does not matter either it is online or offline casino, you are to find "your" casino. That is why there are so many casino guides in the market.

Everyone tries to sell his book and convince others that his piece is worth of reading. Check up is necessary in this aspect of gambling, so we took a look on this issue and picked up several book that claim to be popular and useful for those who want to find the gambling house.

winning casino play

Cardoza starts the book with explaining the main aspects that everyone should know before coming to casino, any casino. He covers the topics like tipping, free drinks, betting units and house limits and so on.

Then he continues with money management and emotional control. If you are not a happy visitor, but a person who would like to win something, you are to control yourself and discipline.

american casino guide

Steve Bourie covers the hypothetical situation - what casino we would select for gaming. It is impressive how he reads the gamers' mind. And his comments and advice are really useful and effective.

He is one of few who talk about slot clubs. He explains why we need the slot club card. With the help of the card you will be able to win some free food, extra spins, gifts or discounts.

casino gambling for dummies

The author shows the basics and the strategies you can always apply to gambling. For example, it can be bankroll management. It is an extremely important strategy, as you should always count the sum you can spend on a set of game or for one night.

Kevin Blackwood is a professional blackjack player, so he knows what he is writing about. Furthermore, his manner of writing is so clear and easy to understand that everyone can understand.

the winner casino guide to casino gambling

He starts the book with the overview of the entire gambling in the United States. It is quite smart as there should be some preface. He devotes around thirty pages to the game of slots, which is kind of nice, as along with them he covers blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, baccarat, video poker and Caribbean stud poker.

It is really funny and weird how people treat their losses in gambling. They lose means that they just lose. They do not think that money become taxes.

casino gambling winning ways

In every part Brisman is talking about becoming a smart player. He is talking about bank roll management and how fast the casinos suck money from us. He then gives some answers on question that people ask all the time.

It is really interesting how the author describes the casinos. It seems that we are listening to the resolution of the autopsy. He is talking that most part of the floor is taken by the slot machines.

the ultimate casino guide

It is a book written by a professional poker player. He started as a technical writer in the computer sphere. But then he went further and became a gambling writer and a successful poker player.

He covers the peculiarities of the gambling in every city and country. Talking about the chapter that covers "How to Use This Book" makes us feel more comfortable.

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